Discover the Guild Hall

Tucked away in Henley in Arden is one of the town’s best kept secrets in the form of The Guild Hall along with its 2 peaceful gardens.

Located in the centre of Henley in Arden, the Guild Hall itself dates from the 15th Century and is steeped in history. It is still used today as the meeting place for Henley’s Court Leet which is one of a few manorial courts that retains its powers of presentment and its authority as a court of record.

The current Guild Hall was built in the 15th Century, probably replacing an earlier hall or building. During the 16th century, the property was disposed of, with the Hall being described in surviving documents as becoming ‘ruinous and decayed’ and then used for many years as a butcher’s shop. The hall was purchased by William Fieldhouse in 1915, who restored it and revived the Court Leet (the medieval local justice system). The property was granted to the inhabitants of Henley in 1957, when a Charitable Trust was formed.